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Big Game Adventures From the Pages of Full Cry Magazine

For those lucky hunters who use hounds and other dog breeds to pursue their game of choice, every time the leashes are unsnapped, a new adventure begins.

Some hunt primarily for small game animals, such as raccoon and squirrel, while others take their chances on the Big Game – bear, mountain lion and more recently, wild boar.

Over the past 75 years, Full Cry magazine has published stories detailing these adventures for its readership. Due to popular demand, we have selected certain “Big Game Adventures” from these past articles, to be reprinted in this book.

Weather it’s mountain lion (cougar) or bear hunts, these adventures can make one’s hair stand on end. Some are short, some are long- but all detail the preparation and dedication of these individuals and their dogs towards treeing or baying their game.

Big Game Adventures Book

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