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Contact us with any Advertising Questions 1-800-851-7507


All magazines by C & H Publishing are published monthly at 114 East Franklin Avenue, Sesser, IL 62884.



Ads should be received by the first  (1st) of the preceding month.

Example: For January issue, ads should be received by December 1st.

Phone reservations should be made for ads mailed on that date.



Call 1-800-851-7507  or email for display advertising rates and discounts available for contracted multiple insertions.  Please tell us the size of ad you desire. When not given complete instructions, the ad will be set in a size C & H Publishing considers appropriate.


Payment for advertisement is due in full on or before the 10th of the magazine cover month. C & H Publishing reserves the right to pursue debt collection on any unpaid balance past 90 days overdue. C & H Publishing further reserves the right to garner any and all fees that incur from the collection of overdue accounts.


American Cooner 20 cents per word with a minimum charge of $3.00

Full Cry 25 cents per word with a minimum charge of $5.00

Hunters Horn 15 cents per word with a minimum charge of $3.00

Rabbit Hunter 30 cents per word with a minimum charge of $3.00

ADVERTISING POLICY: The C & H Publishing does not accept responsibility for accuracy of advertisements and assumes no liability or typographical errors except to the extent of rerunning the incorrect portion of the ad in the next available issue.

NOTICE Advertisements our magazines are not guaranteed, but reasonable precaution is taken to keep those of undesirable nature out. We will not knowingly run ads that are not for the best interest of the readers of this magazine or those considered unreliable. We assume no responsibility for statements made by either advertisers or correspondents. When in doubt, ask for and contact references. No part of content may be reproduced without expressed permission of the publisher.

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