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American Cooner is a magazine for the today's coon hunter - whether it's for competition or for pleasure. We bring you results from many of the nation's premier coonhound events together with interviews of the winners. Our stable of writers are literally world class - unsurpassed in experience relating to breeding, training, caring for, and hunting coonhounds.


Full Cry offers readers current articles relating to various breeds of hounds, curs and other breeds, which track and trail various sporting game including Big Game (Bears, Mountain Lion, Wild Hogs), Raccoon and Squirrel. Areas of focus include current and historical articles of adventurous hunts as well as current news from various breed associations. Many articles are of a personal nature which many readers enjoy.


The Hunter's Horn has the largest magazine readership for those who participate in running fox and coyotes - primarily in Field Trials in the eastern half of the United States and Canada. Results of Field Trials are reported by a wide range of writers. The Hunter's Horn's sister company, the Standard Foxhound Stud Book (SFSB), registers more Foxhounds than any other registry. Every new litter enrollment and registration is published in The Hunter's Horn monthly.

The Rabbit Hunter

The Rabbit Hunter is a magazine for Beagle enthusiasts. We report on competitive Field Trials for rabbit and we also have a fine group of writers who discuss the care, training and breeding of Beagles as well as hunting experiences.

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