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Turning The Corner – Rabbit Hunter

     Somewhere around about the middle of February rabbit hunters will notice a distinct change in the air. Sure, it’s still officially winter, and even your basic ground hog knows there’s likely to be six more weeks ... Read More

One Dog or Big Pack? : Rabbit Hunter

It’s probably safe to say that most of today’s rabbit hunters (seeking hares or cottontails) started out with one Beagle, maybe two, that a friend, relative or neighbor happened to own. That’s how most of us learned ... Read More

2012 National Beagle Club of America “Triple Challenge Trial” : Rabbit Hunter

Turkey Hollow Anne was the big winner at this year’s Triple Challenge Trial and she did it in an unlikely fashion. Anne, who is by FC Kotch’s Moss Glenn Tucker out of Kotten Kandi Katie is owned ... Read More

The Bitchline : Rabbit Hunter

In the early 1960’s, the young Beaglers hailing from the Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh, PA, began to feel comfortable with their established club grounds located in Culmerville (Gibsonia).  These gents, Joe Brender, Harry Sweeney, Herman Palumbo and ... Read More

Gearing Up For Next Season

RABBIT HUNTER - Most hunters, other than Beaglers, are able to survive several hunting seasons before they have to consider buying new gear. Truth be told, sitting in a stand or blind might wear out the seat ... Read More

2012 PKC Rabbit World Champion

There was nothing blue about winning the 2012 PKC Rabbit World Championship for Kenneth Wilburn except the name of the winning dog – Chenoweth’s Fork Blue. Two year old Blue is out of  Pleasant Valley Rip and ... Read More

Finding Briar

RABBIT HUNTER - What follows is an account of one of those hunts that was one to remember for all of the wrong reasons and for the luck that we ended the day on. It started out ... Read More

Sporting Dog Association of Missouri

RABBIT HUNTER - I would like to congratulate the winners of the 2011 Sporting Dog Association of Missouri Little Pack Hound of the Year! It was another successful and fun year. We raised a total of $248 for the Sporting ... Read More

Zach’s First Rabbit

RABBIT HUNTER - I love to take kids and grownups rabbit hunting, especially those who have never taken a rabbit with a gun with Beagles. This trip was one of those hunts I look forward to each year. ... Read More

Bare Ground Snowshoe Rabbit Hunt

THE RABBIT HUNTER - It was 6 AM and Neil McKay and I headed towards Route 9 with one little 13" Beagle in the box headed to Dan and Nancy Cardozer’s home in Northfield, ME. We were ... Read More

The Last Cottontail

THE RABBIT HUNTER - It’s been close to 50 years now but I distinctly recall the first time I purposely let a rabbit get away at the end of the season. Nothing more than a farm boy wearing ... Read More

Trinity’s Hunting Trip

THE RABBIT HUNTER - Trinity, our seven year old granddaughter, was out of school for Thanksgiving. All she talked about was to go rabbit hunting with Pappy. I started taking her when she was two years old. This girl ... Read More

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