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Original Mountain Cur Breeders Ass’n

FULL CRY - Okay, so here it is already March! Hopefully, our winter is thinking about being done and spring is right around the corner! As I write this, our winter this year has been pretty dang nice. I know ... Read More

New York Houndsmen Conservation Ass’n.

AMERICAN COONER - As I write this, we continue to have a practically snow-less winter. Whenever the white stuff manages to come down, it seems to melt off within a day or two. Maybe the good travelling weather ... Read More

Bare Ground Snowshoe Rabbit Hunt

THE RABBIT HUNTER - It was 6 AM and Neil McKay and I headed towards Route 9 with one little 13" Beagle in the box headed to Dan and Nancy Cardozer’s home in Northfield, ME. We were ... Read More

2011 Tennessee State Field Trial

THE RABBIT HUNTER - The 2011 Tennessee State Field Trial was held October 12-15 at the Tar River Fox Preserve at Creedmoor, NC.  When I arose at my house on Wednesday morning October 12, it was raining dogs ... Read More

Bench Training and Bonding For Shows

FULL CRY - Showing your dog on the bench can be fun for you, your dog and the whole family. It can also be a great aid in training your dog. It helps with socializing, leading, reinforcing the NO command, and ... Read More

The Southern Trifecta …

AMERICAN COONER - Coon hunters up and down the eastern seaboard and across the Midwest know there are three important dates without which no new year is off to a proper start. Those dates are the first weekend ... Read More

The Last Cottontail

THE RABBIT HUNTER - It’s been close to 50 years now but I distinctly recall the first time I purposely let a rabbit get away at the end of the season. Nothing more than a farm boy wearing ... Read More

Trinity’s Hunting Trip

THE RABBIT HUNTER - Trinity, our seven year old granddaughter, was out of school for Thanksgiving. All she talked about was to go rabbit hunting with Pappy. I started taking her when she was two years old. This girl ... Read More

Legal Hound

THE RABBIT HUNTER - The HOUND PAC has been established. This is a political action committee whose purpose is to raise funds to contribute to the campaigns of persons who are running for office who are favorable to the needs ... Read More

2012 South Carolina State Youth Championship

The Bowman club was full last night with young hunters and their guardians for another night of "coon hunting kids’ style." The club did its usual great job of making this a premier night for the 53 ... Read More

2011 International Running Hound Classic

The 2012 International Running Hound Classic was held January 11-14, 2012 at Joe's Branch Fox Pen at Enon, LA. We want to thank the pen owners for the use of this good pen. They had it well stocked ... Read More

National Plott Hound Assoc

FULL CRY - Hello to all you Plott guys and gals out there! Hope you’re getting those brindle dogs in the woods. Our winter here in WV has been a mild one. It’s nice to be able to ... Read More

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