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National Plott Hound Association News American Cooner

Howdy, folks! I hope you and yours are well and surviving this endless summer heat wave. It has proven to be unrelenting here in North Carolina, with six straight days of over 100 degree highs – and ... Read More

Short Timber Squirrel hunter

FULL CRY - We would like to thank everyone for all the phone calls we received from everyone concerned about our health. Thanks again for your calls and prayers. We are about 95% cured. My eye is cured and ... Read More

Hot Tracks and Cold Trails

HUNTER'S HORN - During the first couple of months of this year, the fox hunters in the Commonwealth of Virginia had to rally together to defeat two proposals that were introduced into their state legislatures. I would like to report ... Read More

Past and Present Coon Hunters, Feb 2012

FULL CRY - I am starting this column on December 10. I’ve done less coon hunting this season than I can ever remember but I still go out and tree a few. Years ago I can remember I had a new ... Read More

Oklahoma Run

For several years I have been wanting to go have a look at Harland Stonecipher’s 2,000 acre pen at Centrahoma, OK and meet him and Earl Jones face-to-face. I started to go to the Oklahoma State Hunt ... Read More

Wink, Texas: January 21, 2011

Sometime in the spring of 2010, Bill Voyles of Wink, Texas called me looking for a long lost buddy named Kenneth Alexander he had gone to school with in Wilson, Oklahoma.  After a short telephone visit, I assured him that I ... Read More

Hot Tracks and Cold Trails

Over the past year, I have done something I don’t usually do and that is raise and evaluate a large group of pups in hopes that I can improve my pack and, hopefully, have something to be competitive with as well. Usually, ... Read More

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