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2012 National Beagle Club of America “Triple Challenge Trial” : Rabbit Hunter

Turkey Hollow Anne was the big winner at this year’s Triple Challenge Trial and she did it in an unlikely fashion. Anne, who is by FC Kotch’s Moss Glenn Tucker out of Kotten Kandi Katie is owned ... Read More

Written in Stone

Greetings from South Georgia.This time of year I would normally lead off with spring has sprung down South, but this would not be accurate. We had no real winter here and spring almost feels like summer. It ... Read More

Past and Present Coon Hunters

FULL CRY - It’s now the middle of November and this has been a different fall from those of past years. Old age has caught up with me. I am not complaining because the Lord has blessed me with years of good ... Read More

Tails of Hunting

The ember to go coon hunting had begun to glow brighter in Rick as we walked from my old, battered hunting truck and into the woods he loved so much as a young boy. He had wondered ... Read More

Just Coon Huntin’

Season is in and the hunt is on. We’re not hunting any more or harder but it seems to be better when the weather is cooler. You can harvest the game if you choose to. We don’t take much game ... Read More

2011 PKC World Championship

The setting for the 2011 PKC World Championship Final Cast was near perfect on Saturday evening October 29, 2011. There is no doubt that Salem, Illinois and their supporting cast of satellite clubs have established themselves as ... Read More

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