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A boy and his Papaw American Cooner

 I can remember when I was small, nipping at the heels of my Papaw, Janis Miller. I was waiting for the chance to tag-along on one of his coon hunting trips. Then one day it happened. He ... Read More

Coon Hunting Veteran, Alan Kalal

Recently I had several heart-to-heart conversations with veteran coon houndsman Alan Kalal, a staunch Treeing Walker breeder and supporter well known for his penchant toward fine females.  He’s got an interesting story to share, and it’s here… ... Read More

The Last Hunt

FULL CRY - The last hunt trails us all. From the first time our ears are graced with the full cry of the pack your last hunt has caught your scent. In time life will bring us all to bay, ... Read More

Moll’s Corner

The coon hunter’s favorite time of year is finally upon us. The leaves have just about disappeared and fur-taking season is well underway in most parts of our country. It’s time to plug up the nagging leaks ... Read More

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