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Southeastern Treeing Walker Days

AMERICAN COONER - The 2012 Southeastern Walker Days bench show was more than just an Overall Bench Show win for Lisa Hunziker and her well-built, six year old Walker male Grand Champion ‘PR’ Red Eagle Comin’ 2 Your ... Read More

Saga of a Bobcat Hunter

FULL CRY - Greetings, houndsmen and women. To those who have taken the time to write to Full Cry, thank you. I decided that I should contribute at times for the comic relief of others.  A timeline for ... Read More

Alabama Open Eight Hour Hunt

HUNTER'S HORN - The Alabama Open Eight Hour Hunt for 2012 is now in the books. We had a wonderful hunt. We had hunters from four different states: Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky. The Good Master above was good ... Read More

Working Dachshunds

FULL CRY - There are many ways to lose a hunting dog with getting hit by a car probably one of the commonest. For only the second time in over 30 years of hunting with Dachshunds I ... Read More

Sporting Dog Association of Missouri

RABBIT HUNTER - I would like to congratulate the winners of the 2011 Sporting Dog Association of Missouri Little Pack Hound of the Year! It was another successful and fun year. We raised a total of $248 for the Sporting ... Read More

Zach’s First Rabbit

RABBIT HUNTER - I love to take kids and grownups rabbit hunting, especially those who have never taken a rabbit with a gun with Beagles. This trip was one of those hunts I look forward to each year. ... Read More

Legal Hound

HUNTER'S HORN - On behalf of houndsmen, Representative Steve Kouplen (D), District 24 which includes Creek, Hughes, Okfuskee and Okmulgee counties, introduced HB-2356 into the 2012 state legislature. This bill was assigned to the House of Representatives Agricultural, Wildlife and Environment committee. ... Read More

Hot Tracks and Cold Trails

HUNTER'S HORN - During the first couple of months of this year, the fox hunters in the Commonwealth of Virginia had to rally together to defeat two proposals that were introduced into their state legislatures. I would like to report ... Read More

The Birthday Party Pony

FULL CRY - My buddy Clyde is from a big family. He had seven brothers and one sister. The sister, Rose Bud, was the youngest. I often wonder who my buddy would have been if Rose Bud would ... Read More

Just Coon Huntin’

AMERICAN COONER - I remember many years ago when we possum hunted and treed a coon or two a year. We hauled the dogs in the trunk of the car, and when we turned the dogs out, we went ... Read More

Tails of Hunting

AMERICAN COONER - “No good deed goes unpunished.” I have often wondered about this statement that has become a cliché in our society. What exactly did the Creator mean by that and who exactly was the person that came up ... Read More

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