• Good Equipment for Judging Field Trials – The Hunters Horn Magazine

    HH_Cover1_0615Good Equipment for Judging Field Trials
    by Bill McGee
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    Awhile back, I had a young fellow ask me about what he might need in the field when he was judging field trials. This fellow had been doing some 1-day and puppy hunts on foot, but he was going to start using a 4-wheeler, which is good, especially in the …

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  • Starting a New Pup – The Rabbit Hunter Magazine

    RH_Cover1_0615  Starting a New Pup
    Stephen D. Carpenteri

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    June is a lazy time for beagles and hunters. It’s hot, the grass is high, the risk of snake encounters increases and it’s just not a great time to spend long hours crashing through unforgiving new greenery. In some states it’s not even legal to train hunting dogs in late spring …

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  • National Majestic Tree Hound Association – The Full Cry Magazine

    FC_Cover 1_0615 National Majestic Tree Hound Association

    By Lee Newhart, Jr., 155 West Haven Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

    website: nmtha.com
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    During the past month we heard from Earl Sandlin of Booneville, Kentucky, Lucas Blackford of West Branch, Michigan, Chad McCauley of Loganville, Wisconsin, Robert Blackford of Shenadoah, Iowa and Greg Hart of Emmett, Idaho. We welcome your news, photos and …

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  • Now and Then – The American Cooner Magazine

    AC_Cover1_0615Now and Then
    By Steve Fielder
    About the Author  :

    Steve Fielder retired from a 33 year career in which he directed coonhound programs at the sport’s three largest registries, AKC, PKC and UKC. Steve, accompanied by his Plott dog, Hoss, writes from his cabin in the mountains of Western North Carolina and the beaches of southern Florida.
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  • Barking up the Right Tree – The Full Cry Magazine

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    Barking up the Right Tree

    Max McCoy Sr.


    March is here, time for the daffodils and many other spring flowers. They are on their way. Most all hunting seasons are closed in my state.

    Wood cutting time is also here for me; I’m making plans for next fall. I like to get my wood early; that way it has time to …

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  • Turning The Corner – Rabbit Hunter

         Somewhere around about the middle of February rabbit hunters will notice a distinct change in the air. Sure, it’s still officially winter, and even your basic ground hog knows there’s likely to be six more weeks of snow and cold to contend with, but this is rabbit hunting, and I prefer to listen to the cottontails and hares, whose subtle switch from …

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  • 2012 American Invitational Running Hound Classic – Hunters Horn

         The running of the Eighth Annual American Invitational Running Hound Classic was held on December 7-9 at the Hollywood  Fox Preserve in Appomattox, VA.  Thanks to the Hacketts for providing a wonderful field trial facility and their continued support and dedication to preserving fox hunting in Virginia.
    The AIRHC is a GRADE I hunt for the HOY/SOY Leaderboard. We are appreciative of …

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  • Masterpiece Cabin – Hunters Horn

       It was a particularly hot, muggy summer day in 1948 and we were chopping cotton in the west field. I was nine, due to reach adulthood of 10 in November. Dark clouds gathered to the north, with the promise of rain, but they were different kinds of ominous clouds, soon casting an eerie yellow hue over our field, and sucking the oxygen …

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  • Hot Tracks and Cold Trails – Hunters Horn

         Got home last night from the Eastern Carolina hunt at Foxhunter’s Paradise in Pamplico, S.C. and had a wonderful time as usual.
    The 2012 Hound of the Year was decided there with a spectacular hound from Louisiana named Coot winning the hunt and the HOY. Tinker Atkins’ Lucy had a great hunt and placed in speed and drive and endurance, but didn’t …

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  • Barking Up The Right Tree – Full Cry

         Happy February to all! By the time you read this, Christmas and the New Year will be behind us. Here’s hoping 2013 will be much better for everybody.
    My friend Mark Jordan and I talked a little today. Mark has been very busy this year doing work for the Bentonville Police Department. He told me he had some good luck deer hunting …

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  • American Leopard Breeders Association National Section – Full Cry

         I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m sitting here in my Lazyboy chair with my feet kicked up in front of my fire place with a nice fire burning, reflecting on the past year. The Leopards did a fine job representing themselves in the hunts and shows across the nation. They won on the plywood as …

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  • Huntin’ Cohutta – American Cooner

         Nestled in the mountains of North Georgia is the Cohutta Wildlife Management Area. It is some of the best hunting to be found; that is, if one doesn’t mind hunting the mountains. I grew up coon hunting the mountains and feel there is no better hunting — period. Climbing the steep ridges is sometimes rough and there may not be the amount …

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